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After you have taken the INELDA End of Life (EOL) Doula Training class certification is the next step in achieving your goal of becoming a professional EOL Doula. Certification demonstrates that you have achieved a high level of knowledge about end of life doula care and the dying process, as well as competence in the tools and techniques EOL doulas use to bring deeper meaning and greater comfort to the dying. We are proud of the standards we have established for certification. We believe it sets INELDA Certified Doulas apart and makes them the choice for individuals, families, or organizations looking to utilize EOL doulas.

Certification is not just a stamp of approval for what you have learned and the experience you have acquired, it is part of your continuing education. Every candidate for certification will receive detailed and specific feedback on the materials they submit as a way for us to help you grow as a doula. We are committed to seeing you become the best doula you can be. This is why our students and certified doulas give us such high praise in their evaluations.

“I was thrilled with the education I received and the feedback on my certification materials was incredibly helpful. I really feel confident in my ability to serve dying people and their families having gone through the whole INELDA certification process.”

– Rachel


  • Full attendance at an INELDA End of Life Doula Training class
  • Current membership in INELDA
  • Completed application
  • Participation in at least 3 cases
  • 15 hours of direct work as a doula; no more than 5 hours per case will count
  • 5 evaluations of your doula work: 2 from a supervisor (nurse, social worker, chaplain, or volunteer coordinator) and 3 from family members
  • 3 Active Listening & Response Journal entries; one per case
  • 3 personal journal entries; one per case
  • 2 personal letters of reference
  • Signed agreements to abide by INELDA Code of Ethics & Scope of Practice
  • Survey of community resources for bereavement support
  • Self-evaluation for continued education & skill development
  • Essay exam – to be completed after submission of the certification packet

Why & How


  • Entrance into an exclusive group of INELDA Certified Doulas
  • Confidence to serve the dying with developing expertise
  • Knowledge that you are raising the level of professionalism in this field
  • Recognition as an EOL Doula across different care settings
  • Knowledge that you are helping to transform society’s view of dying

Fees and Procedure

  • Attend INELDA doula training  – $600
  • Be a current member in INELDA – $100
  • Request a certification packet – $35
  • Make sure the packet is complete
  • Scan and send electronically if possible
  • Submit the certification fee – $75
  • Receive and return the essay exam


Is there a regulatory body who certifies end of life doulas?

Currently there is no state or federal regulatory body that certifies end of life doulas.

Why does INELDA offer certification?

INELDA believes that our doulas should meet the highest standards of practice. Certification is an additional credential to ensure that our ethics and standards of practice are met.

What’s the first step to get certified?

The first step is to take our initial doula training class. After the class, you if wish to go on for certification, you can get the certification packet online.

Do I have to be certified to be an end of life doula?

No. Certification is optional, but ensures that you have met our higher standards and denotes that you have been through our examination and rigorous process.

How long do I have to complete my certification requirements?

You have 3 years from the time the packet is requested to complete the process.

Do I have to recertify?

Yes, recertification is necessary every 3 years.

I have sat vigil before. Can these previous vigils count towards my hours for certification?

No. Since all of our doulas come with different qualifications, we prefer your certification hours to begin after our 22-hour training. That way we can ensure that all of our doulas are trained within our parameters.

Where can I get my vigil hours?

We recommend that you start out volunteering at a local hospital or hospice. Ask the volunteer coordinator to match you with a patient who is terminal. Most volunteer coordinators are happy to do this. You can also work with family and friends if appropriate.