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Looking for an end of life doula to support and guide you through the dying process?

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Our doulas are trained to a high standard of professionalism. They know how to listen deeply; work with difficult and complex emotions; help you explore meaning and legacy; use a client-centered approach, and utilize guided imagery and ritual. Our doulas will provide you respite when you need it and assist you with the basic physical care. They will also explain the signs and symptoms you will witness as they support you through the last days, and then guide you through the early days of grieving.

It is easy to search using the form below and your zip code. Finding the right doula for you is just a few clicks away.

All of the doulas in our directory have been trained by INELDA. Doulas that have gone on to achieve certification through our organization are highlighted in bold letters in the directory.


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Doula's who are listed must be a member and have attended a training.
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Our doulas have all signed statements that commit them to performing their services within the INELDA Scope of Practice and according to the INELDA Code of Ethics. They can provide you with a copy of these documents. The doulas are not employees of INELDA, nor do they work directly under our auspices. Each doula in the directory is responsible for the services they offer and INELDA cannot be held responsible for their actions.

If you have questions or need additional assistance you can contact INELDA at

If you are an end of life doula wanting to be listed in the INELDA directory, you will have to take one of our training classes and become a member of the organization. A full list of our trainings is available in the Trainings section of the website.