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Jeri Glatter

Vice President

Jeri Glatter was drawn to the work of end of life doulas as a result of her spiritual journey and significant experiences with death. She trained with Henry at The New York Open Center, and then became one of the most active volunteer doulas at Valley Hospice & Home Care. Her dedication to doula work led her to join the INELDA staff in late 2015 and to become its Vice President.

Jeri brings to INELDA an extensive expertise in the areas of grant distribution, policy setting, fund raising and event management. As the Regional Vice President for a California-based manufacturing company she shouldered a great deal of responsibility and helped the company grow tremendously.  She then moved on to play a key role in the start-up of a new international manufacturing business.

Jeri Glatter is the Author and Illustrator of a spiritual book, Lessons from the Trumpet Vine. After publication, she began a private practice in which she conducts individual spiritual sessions entitled, Bravely in Truth. Jeri hopes to bring both her managerial expertise and her spiritual perspective to the work of INELDA, helping to inspire, encourage and support those who are called to this incredible work. Jeri can be reached at