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Our Mission

To provide the very best in education, highly sought after certification credentials, and superior program development for the end of life doula field.

Our Vision

To transform the end of life experience so it brings greater meaning and sacredness to a dying person and their loved ones.

Our Values


To bring the fervor of our mission and vision to everything we do and to inspire individuals and programs we work with to bring compassionate and clearly structured services to the dying.


To constantly improve educational and program services so we deliver the very finest products to our organization, community, and individual customers.


To see that our educational products and program services are equally available to all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation, in any country or environment, at the same time that we take into account the social traditions and spiritual perspectives of the cultures where we work.


To serve as an ongoing resource for the growth in knowledge and ability of the individuals we train; for advice to programs we help develop, and for business guidance to the private practitioners who use our program model.


To partner with and support organizations and individuals that seek to improve end of life care in ways that go beyond the scope of our offerings and will benefit dying people and their loved ones.


To stay conversant with the latest developments in the end of life field, while we also lead the conversation forward to constantly reimagine how we approach death and dying.


To develop our business in a way that adheres to high ethical standards of practice, strives to deliver services in a timely manner, and supports the goals and dreams of those who work with us.


To make sure that we uphold the true meaning of the word "service" as we work with all our stakeholders, and promote service as a central concept in the doula approach.

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