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The International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing deeper meaning and greater comfort to dying people and loved ones in the last days of life.

The International End of Life Doula Association was founded in February 2015 to foster the use of end of life doulas in hospices, hospitals, communities, and directly to dying people through the service of private practitioners. To accomplish these goals INELDA offers end of life doula program development, private and public doula training classes, and a comprehensive doula certification process that establishes a professional-level standard for the field.


To provide the very best in education, highly sought after certification credentials, and superior program development for the end of life doula field.
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"Serving as a doula and teaching others for the last 14 years has allowed me to see the incredible beauty of the human spirit and opened my heart wider the I could ever have imagined."

Henry Fersko-Weiss Executive Director

“There is nothing more rewarding to me than helping a dying person explore the precious moments and sweet memories of their life as I companion them on their final journey.”

Janie Rakow President

"Death is as significant and sacred as birth—both hold the potential for transformation. I hope to encourage and support the understanding that dying can be a time of honoring and healing."

Jeri Glatter Vice President


Join the first international organization devoted to encouraging the growth and development of the end of life doula profession.
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